For Vietnamese families, the kitchen is an important place because there, families gather together for a reunion after a long day of work.

The kitchen is often evoke warm up the house owners often choose wood as the major material in interior design. Let’s see if we have the color scheme with wood how to give the impression the kitchen becomes offline.

If your kitchen space narrow, you can choose dark wood flooring, such as black, brown, sepia …, the floor will easily clean the ball and make sense for larger kitchens. With dark wood flooring, you can hide stains due to cooking and maintain the modern kitchen.

To create balance, harmony with dark wood flooring, kitchen cabinets you should choose bright colors, preferably white, color, when combined with the kitchen floor would make more prominent. This color scheme matching those who love the elegance, luxury and good clean.



If you prefer neutral-colored wooden floor like golden brown, yellow cream, … you should choose kitchen cabinets have two symmetrical color (white – black or yellow – dark …) to create focal points. This type of color scheme appropriate for an employer likes your personality and the way out.

However, because of the narrow kitchen space, you should note that choose the cabinet with its compact design, many drawers and kitchen cabinet along the frame. This will minimize the area and maintaining the aesthetics of the room.

If space spacious kitchen, you can choose real wood floors with bright colors to highlight the space and create comfort for the family. With colors like fins floor, you can choose the type of kitchen cabinets with outstanding colors like red, purple, orange … with large cupboard box. Possibility of adding a bar to have more space family together. Dining tables can be arranged between the room and color similar to the color of the kitchen cabinets.

If you like dark wood floor for large kitchen space, you should choose kitchen cabinets with diverse design, neutral colors with bold stripes or blocks of color interwoven. This design creates a strong impression and express the personality of the host.

Hopefully with the color scheme, you will have a kitchen like that, with his family make life comfortable, amenities and enjoy the moments spend together.