Recipes choose furniture for the living room cramped

Speaking to the sofa, you will think of the sofa style seems a bit … the surface. The Statistics sofa will surely cost a lot of room area, but with the type of sofa with legs, or sofa corner, the problem will be solved area.

Sofa with legs to leak around the floor below, making your room look like has not been stuffed with belongings. Meanwhile, sofa corner helps you take advantage of the corner area, help your room look neat and tidy over


Appropriate color choice

There are a few simple rules to remember: dark colors make you feel small room and tighter. Bright colors in contrast, help your room seem brighter and wide. So please pay attention in choosing your wall color, interior color … You can also use the form plaid wallpaper or natural motifs in blue, green to extend the room.

Use sensibly mirrors. You will encounter large mirrors in the fashion store. This makes you, would glance at their booth concept seems very broad. Mirrors help mirrored space area in the image contrast. The attention to the mirror in the room will mislead viewers about the visual of the room tight.

Cabinets, wall-mounted TV

Increasingly crowded room, the more you should not too much inventory on the floor shelves. Instead, hang on the wall for what it is possible to save space. Bookshelves, cabinets and even television can have the kind of hanging on the wall, just to help support your wall space, just do not make the house look more cluttered.