According to architect Pham Ngoc Thien, interior color is used as a special language, which confirms the “I” of their respective owners. Two major trends in the use of color interior modern style is favored at present include:

1. Powerful and personality: White, black and gray

This is the background colors of most layout modern townhouses. Any decorations always highlighted on white and basic black.

On the other hand, the interiors layout little more simplistic patterns, go with black and white tones will create a dominant strong impression. This is also a way to make the room appear larger and brighter, allowing light to be reflected around the walls by selecting a paint color white markedly, while highlighting the interior accents.

2. Meek:

White combined with some basic monochrome

This is the trend of many homeowners choose because this color scheme can create vivid, eye-catching, but still gentle.

A color coordination with many different tones will create a lively and harmonious in your sight. Apply monochromatic palette to space can highlight the interior.